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New dinosaurs include hadrosaur Zhanghenglong yangchengensis. Spizella arborea is split into the new genus Spizelloides. Dicaeum kuehni is split from Dicaeum celebicum.

"Saurornitholestes" robustus is reevaluated as a troodont. Juvenile specimens of Edmontosaurus annectens and Megaraptor namunhuaiquii are described. New studies were published on aerial ability in basal paravians, evolutionary trends in Triceratops, the origins of carotenoid-pigmented feathers and zygodactyl feet, evidence for mesothermy in dinosaurs, theropod diversity in the Aptian-Albian of Tunisia, limb musculature of accipitriforms, the evolution of elaborate signals in thraupids, and the anatomy and phylogenetic position of Aragosaurus ischiaticus.
SpongeBobFossilPants Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Come to think of it, have any basal tetanuran workers (e.g. Benson) addressed the likelihood of coelurosaurian megaraptorans?

Also, you still place annectens in Edmontosaurus?
Albertonykus Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Haven't heard much commentary on coelurosaurian megaraptors as of yet.

I was following the paper referenced for my use of E. annectens. My personal preference would be to split it off, but as long as both species remain sister taxa, I don't object to putting them both under Edmontosaurus.
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