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New dinosaurs include ceratopsians Machairoceratops cronusi and Spiclypeus shipporum. Altispinax is argued to be a valid genus. "Stormbergia dangershoeki" is sunk into Lesothosaurus diagnosticus.

New studies came out on the postcranial anatomy of Lesothosaurus diagnosticus, pelvic muscle function in Struthio camelus, form and function of herbivorous dinosaur skulls, and the evolution of acanthisittids. Small theropod scrape marks are described, suggesting that some small-bodied Mesozoic theropods displayed in leks.

It was a remarkably slow month for dinosaur news.



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coelocrisis Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
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Albertonykus Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016
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CMIPalaeo Featured By Owner May 6, 2016
Thanks for the recent influx of favourites on my lineart vertebrates :D 
Albertonykus Featured By Owner May 6, 2016
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Albertonykus Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016
YutyrannusRex Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
So...I really love your web comic, the Raptormaniacs. So I decided to write a song for it! It's a parody of the Animaniacs theme song, and sung to the same tune; if you don't know it, you can find it online. I don't know whether this is intentional, but the similarities in name, funny antics, and ACME museum made me see a possible connection. Hope you like it! 

It's time for Raptormaniacs! 
And we're crazy to the max! 
So just sit back and relax,
You'll learn a lot of cool new facts, 
With the Raptormaniacs! 

Come join the maniraptors
Of every size and  shape and height
Just for fun they run around the museum in the night
During the day we're in our places
So we can't move or run or fight
But when the day is done
We'll have some fun
So now you know the lot!

Meet Dinky and the Skull who want to rule the museum halls
Ostrom's very friendly 
and tends to break through the fourth wall!
Zahavi is magical and eccentric
Savape's a terror among all terrors
And Remex is always there to 
correct Ebbef's factual errors!

We're Raptormaniacs!
We're a quite a zany pack! 
We're crazy to the max
There's really nothing that we lack
We're the Raptor-mani, totally insane-y, here's the comic's name-y,
Those are the facts!

And as a bonus, here is a song based on the Pinky and the Brain theme song, a cartoon in the Animaniacs, which is also sung to the tune of the original. 

Dinky: "What are you gonna do tonight, skull?"
Skull: "The same thing I do every night, Dinky...plot to take over the museum!"

They're Dinky and the Skull! Dinky and the Skull!
One lacks a torso
The other's real small!
Despite difference in size and name,
They're really both the same, 
Both maniraptors, they're Dinky and the Skull, Skull, Skull, Skull, Skull! 

Anyway, I don't know if there is any connection at all, but I love the Raptormaniacs, and hope you like these! 

Albertonykus Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Thank you, and I love this a lot! I have a suspicion you may enjoy the first ever Raptormaniacs comic, even though my art style has evolved since then.
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